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Festival Radio

Presented by Blindman Brewing and Calgary Foundation

This summer, CKUA brings you Festival Radio and the spirit and music of the summer season, wherever you are!

Festival Radio is a CKUA celebration of all the goodness that happens when people enjoy music, arts, and culture together.  Each week, the Festival Radio program will preview an upcoming Alberta festival. CKUA hosts will be in conversation with artists, organizers, and community members to share music and thoughts about everyone’s favourite season. 

Listen in the car while you drive to the garden centre for just one more perfect plant. Hear festival tunes and interviews during your hammock time on a sunny afternoon. Take the CKUA app with you on all your travels. Maybe you’re dropping the kids off at summer camp so you can hang out at a festival without them…

What’s new at your favourite festival in 2022? Find out below.

Tune in to CKUA every Saturday for more festival previews.

All summer long! 1PM to 2PM MT

Presented with generous support from Blindman Brewing and Calgary Foundation. Festival previews and interviews are subject to change, based on availability and scheduling.

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