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From science and business to culture and more, CKUA's radio features pack a lot into a few minutes. Find out more about each feature, and catch episodes you may have missed.


Notes on Wellness

Tips for healthy living.

Host: Kate Stevens

8:28am MT Mondays
3:58pm MT Tuesdays
9:28am MT Thursdays

About the Feature:

Join host Kate Stevens to hear short, insightful conversations about health and wellness. She interviews interesting Albertans whose work focuses on topics such as exercise, mental health, and the connections between music and our well-being.  Notes on Wellness is sponsored by Alberta Blue Cross. Listen to the latest episodes here.

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The How Of Wow

Engineering & Geoscience by APEGA

Host: Tony King

8:58am MT Tuesdays
2:58pm MT Wednesdays
11:58am MT Saturdays

About the Feature:

Have you ever looked at something and asked, “How did they do that?” CKUA’s newest feature, “The How of Wow,” highlights marvels of innovation and technology that are all around us. Whether it’s the structure of Calgary’s new public library or the navigation software in your car, there’s an engineering or geoscience story there! Tune in for The How of Wow, hosted by Tony King. Presented by APEGA, the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

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Insights On Wealth Management

Gain clarity on the world of finances

With: Wade Kozak and Grant Stovel


Listen Online

About the Feature:

Insights on Wealth Management with Wade Kozak is a web audio series presented in partnership with CKUA. Let Wade’s expertise meet you where you are, whether you have questions or you’re well on the road to retirement. Learn more about investing, estate planning, retirement income, and strategic philanthropy.

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Green Energy Futures

Stories from the clean energy revolution

Host: David Dodge

10:55am MT Wednesdays
1:55pm MT Thursdays
8:55am MT Sundays

About the Feature:

Green Energy Futures is a multimedia series about people engaged with green energy solutions in their homes, businesses, and communities across Canada. These innovators are leading the way to a green energy future in Canada. The program features stories on solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, biofuels, hydro, electric cars and a host of other green energy solutions.

Green Energy Futures is not just about amazing new technologies and industries, it’s about an entrepreneurial spirit and the dogged determination of some fascinating people who started working on “alternative energy” and wound up with some very mainstream ideas. It is about the connection between people and green energy technology.

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