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CKUA is all about the joy of musical discovery. Like our listeners, we're always on the lookout for stellar new music. Do you have something great to send us?

Bring us your best

Seeking CKUA-worthy tunes

Our hosts know music.

Each one brings an expert’s knowledge and experience to the studio. They understand their listeners — and how to delight and challenge.  Their playlists run a wild gamut, from soca to newgrass to stoke folk to experimental pop to traditional country (and on and on).

Supporting talented Albertan and Canadian artists is a huge part of CKUA’s offering to its community.

Think your tunes would fit well in this colourful mix? Let’s get the conversation started.

Grant Stovel and Budd Steen in the CKUA Library

For all submissions:

**We are currently asking for digital submissions only**

We want to know about your group. Don’t forget to include your one-sheet, backgrounder, bio, website link etc.

CKUA does not air music that contains curse words or obscene lyrics. Clean or radio edits are greatly appreciated! If these are not available, please note which songs we need to avoid.

Check out our schedule here. If you feel that your music would suit a particular program, feel free to send an additional copy to that show’s host by email or mail c/o CKUA Radio Network, 9804 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 0C5.

We can only play music of a high production quality. Even the most terrific song won’t make it on air if it’s recorded on an iPhone in your buddy’s garage.

We’re happy to hear your music but we can’t make any promises. CKUA receives thousands of submissions a year. Not all of it makes it on air, for a whole range of reasons. When you have something new, send it! It might just be the one that catches our attention.

For digital submissions:

If you can, send links for streaming and downloading. Then we can start with a quick listen and get a feel for your work right away.

Downloads with 320 kbps MP3 files are best, preferably using a download link to send music. We recommend Bandcamp, Dropbox, DMDS or PlayMPE. Digital submissions need to be a minimum bitrate of 128 kbps.

Please don’t send zip files or large attachments. Our email system won’t allow them through.

What happens next?

Music submissions are reviewed by the CKUA Music Committee. If we decide your music is a good fit, it is added to our music library and made available to our hosts to play as they wish.

Calgary Foundation CKUA Studio Fall Fundraiser

Send us your stuff

Use the Send it Now button to email your submission, or mail it to:
Music Committee, CKUA Radio Network, 9804 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 0C5

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