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Careers at CKUA

Join our team and help create a world that celebrates what unites us.

I like working here because, after 47 years as a listener and 37 as an employee, CKUA and its people and purpose are now firmly embedded in my DNA. So much of my adult life has been directly impacted by what I've learned, who I've met, the ideas and sounds I've been exposed to, the places I've gone, and the opportunities that have presented themselves that I am who I am because of CKUA.

David Ward, Senior Producer

We are an inclusive, creative, hard-working group on a musical mission to enrich lives and support the arts.

As a member of the CKUA team, you’ll enjoy a music-centric, arts-focused office culture and a professional, eclectic mix of colleagues. CKUA also offers bright, modern workspaces (when we’re not working remotely!) out of the beautifully restored Alberta Hotel in Edmonton and Calgary Foundation CKUA Studio at Studio Bell.

There are currently no openings.

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