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Summer Programming Schedule

Summer is here and our programming schedule is shifting!  We’re happy to share with you a few new shows, anchored by both up-and-coming voices and station veterans, all delivering the musical diversity and dexterity that you love.

Here’s what’s happening:

Monday 2-4pm join The Beehive with host Brian Golightly

What’s the buzz? Brian Golightly brings you the best in current, contemporary music set in the landscape of the CKUA library, and connects you to listening opportunities and upcoming highlights of the programming week. Navigate the CKUA garden, starting with The Beehive!

4-6pm travel Roundabout with host Oskar Zybart

There’s a paradox to every roundabout: you can only go so far forward, before you’re approaching someplace you’ve just left behind. The trick knowing when to turn on, when to move on, and when to roll on.

Monday afternoons, listeners have license to take a spin on CKUA’s very own Roundabout. Watch our weekly top 30 charts zoom past, as new releases and the latest models make tracks alongside cult classics and motor-vators you might have missed the first time ’round.

Turn on. Tune in. Buckle up. There’s a roundabout ahead.

Tuesday to Friday, noon-3pm is the Thoroughfare with host Tony King

A mixtape for the curious, Tony King’s Thoroughfare is a conduit that connects just about every genre of music in celebration of the human spirit.

From raw, soul searching jazz, to the slick beats of Ibiza, and beyond, 12:00 – 3:00 Tuesday through Friday on CKUA will prove to be memorable soundtrack to accompany you through your afternoon.

Tuesday to Friday, now from 3-6pm is Traffic Jams with host Lisa Wilton

Expect a mix of new releases and old favourites! From contemporary indie to vintage country and soul, to more complex instrumentals all presented in an informative, friendly way. It’s two hours of the familiar and not-so-familiar that flows significantly better than the traffic you might be stuck in.

Saturday, 9-11pm navigate Magnetic North with your host Meg Wilcox

Magnetic North is your Saturday night compass, orienting you to the best new and well-loved Canadian music. Like the show’s namesake, the mix can and does shift – attracting other rock, pop, and contemporary artists from around the globe. As you navigate your night, host Meg Wilcox maps a playlist that always points you home.

Sunday, 10pm-midnight is Nocturne with various contributors to the playlist

To wind down the day and prepare for the week ahead, an all-Canadian playlist with a distinct flavour of jazz alongside electronic and other instrumental music.

So, there it is! Check out our on-air schedule for the latest updates. We know that these host will be crafting a most excellent soundtrack to your summer.