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Oskar Zybart has entertained audiences since the early 1990s. Best known as a musician, he has performed hundreds of concerts, and continues to work with other artists as a player and mentor.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Oskar has always used radio to discover new and interesting sounds from across the globe. This naturally drew him towards CKUA. He describes the station as "a noble cause, one which makes the world a better-sounding place."

Oskar began broadcasting regularly in 2010 at CJSR, the University of Alberta's campus radio station. His CJSR program ran weekly for five years, featuring local live music. Oskar joined CKUA as the station's creative writer in 2012, and since 2015 has worked on-air as a recurring guest host of Alberta Morning, Classic Examples, Mid-Morning Mojo, Sunday Breakfast, The Takeaway, and elsewhere on the schedule. His own CKUA programs include Zed Air (2015-2016), The Midway (2016-2019), and Roundabout (2020-present).

Collecting international music from the 1950s and 1960s is an ongoing obsession. Other major influences include: British humour, Slavic authors, Modern art, The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Frank Zappa, Victor Borge, Surrealism, the Oxford comma, and lists.

Oskar is the third-generation curator of a private multimedia library called the Zibliothek - a frequent resource for his broadcasts, as well as for his work as a writer and translator. His documentary film Headwind - Last Call was nominated for the 2014 Edmonton Film Prize.

There's a paradox to every roundabout: you can only go so far forward, before you're approaching someplace you've just left behind. The trick knowing when to turn on, when to move on, and when to roll on.

Monday afternoons, listeners have license to take a spin on CKUA's very own Roundabout. Watch our weekly top 30 charts zoom past, as new releases and the latest models make tracks alongside cult classics and motor-vators you might have missed the first time 'round.

Turn on. Tune in. Buckle up. There's a roundabout ahead.

Monday 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Oskar Zybart