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Brian Golightly

Brian Golightly was born in Calgary, lives in Edmonton, and has always made his home in Alberta. He began working on-air at CKUA in the year 2000, though it was his radio home for years previous. Music has always been at the centre of his life. He often thinks in song lyrics. He plays in bands, goes to live shows as often as he can, and can hardly wait to tell you what’s coming up.

Brian believes in the power of radio to turn a day around, the simple miracle of hearing the right song at the right time, and the beautiful way these things can bring us together.

The Beehive
What’s the buzz? Brian Golightly brings you the best in current, contemporary music set in the landscape of the CKUA library, and connects you to listening opportunities and upcoming highlights of the programming week. Navigate the CKUA garden, starting with The Beehive!

Monday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Brian Golightly

The Beehive