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Lerena Greig and Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) Society

Community Profiles
PEP’s Executive Director, Lerena Greig

Park Power is a longtime sponsor and partner at CKUA, and from time to time owner Kris Kasawski invites us to shine a spotlight on Alberta organizations that do good work in the community. This week, we’re learning about Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) Society. When a person struggles with substance abuse and addiction, the brokenness and heartache can affect their loved ones as well. PEP is a registered charity that recognizes that one of the most significant ways to help youth and adult children with addiction issues is by supporting and educating parents and families.

“Park Power supports Parents Empowering Parents because we believe they provide great value to our community,” says Kris. “The work they do to address the effects of substance abuse and addiction on youth and their families is important, community-building work.”

PEP’s Executive Director, Lerena Greig, is proud of the work that PEP does to provide facilitated support in group settings. “The person with addiction needs recovery,” she says, “but so does the family. We work to establish healthy patterns.”

A program called “Family Recovery Group” is at the heart of PEP’s work, and group meetings, facilitated by professionals, take place in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert. Gathering restrictions throughout COVID have also led PEP to realize that they have a role to play in supporting families all over the province: one of their bi-weekly meetings is now a permanent, virtual support group.

When Lerena’s asked about what song might sum up what PEP tries to do, she mentions Lean on Me by Bill Withers. “PEP provides learnings,” she says, “but it’s the support of other people that really gets us all through.”

If you require support, PEP’s family toll-free line is 1-877-991-2737.  For more program information, go to

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