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Harmony and Rhythm at Good Note Community Farm

Community Profiles

For Maryann and Kevin Borch, farming is a family affair, and one that always includes good music. They’ve been CKUA listeners and supporters since 1997, and their four sons heard music throughout each day while they were growing up. CKUA was on in the kitchen while pancakes were cooking, in the car on errands and trips, and in the barns where chores happen. Those four boys now range in age between 19 and 31, and they’re all musicians.

Maryann has no doubt that their farm near New Sarepta, called the Good Note Community Farm, is fertile ground for connection, creativity, and music appreciation. The family uses the terms “harmony” and “rhythm” often when talking about their work, and Maryann likes to think that these terms apply to agriculture and to music alike.

“The word ‘harmony’ comes up a lot,” says Maryann. “It’s why we named the place ‘Good Note Community Farm.’ We do what we can to make food more efficient, more nutritious, and more local, and we want to inspire other people to share the work and the food that comes from small farms. And making food is like making music.” Fresh eggs and milk, fruit from trees, and various vegetables from the gardens are all abundant in different seasons, and when the people who share garden space at the farm come to work, their kids run around amidst chickens, ducks, cows, and goats.

“Rhythm” is evident because farm life has a natural pattern, a schedule that’s dependable and repeats. Maryann listens to daytime programs (Baba is a favourite!) while she milks the cows by hand, and The Road Home has been her steady companion during Sunday evening chores. She laughs when she notes just how much her family’s schedule is connected to the CKUA broadcast day. “We’ll say, ‘oh, we need to get this job done before Mid-Morning is over!'”

Thank you, Maryann and Kevin, for your enthusiastic support of CKUA!

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