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Listener Stories: Tara Russell, Program Director at CPAWS Northern Alberta

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Tara Russell is a longtime CKUA listener and an occasional contributor to the ukulele choir. She’s also the Program Director at Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS).

Since CKUA loves making community connections all around this province, we were excited when Kris Kasawski, Owner and Business Developer at Park Power, invited us to shine a spotlight on CPAWS.

Kris says, “Park Power is a proud supporter of CPAWS Northern Alberta because of the value that they add to our province. CPAWS is an important educational voice and effective advocate for conservation in Alberta. The staff and volunteers are carrying out meaningful work to protect the wonderful, wild creatures and places of Alberta.”

Tara has worked at CPAWS since 2015, and we loved hearing about her work and her CKUA connections. Originally from Vancouver, she has a BSc.H in Biology from Queen’s University. Living in three provinces and traveling Canada from coast to coast has given her a great appreciation of Canada’s wild spaces. She’s worked at CPAWS since 2015 and focuses on advancing the conservation of Alberta’s rich natural heritage and protection of sensitive headwaters ecosystems. One of the projects Tara is most involved with is the protection of habitat in Alberta’s boreal forest for threatened woodland caribou, and CPAWS regularly makes recommendations rooted in science and evidence, with the goal of bringing people together to find solutions.

Tara says that the most interesting and rewarding part of her work is when CPAWS can act as a non-partisan catalyst for protecting habitat, helping people effect change. “Science and policy can do so much, but when people are engaged, we can do even more.”

These days, Tara tunes in to the daily broadcast and lets CKUA be the soundtrack to her day. Her favourite programs are Thoroughfare, Classic Examples, Folk Routes, and the Bluegrass Hour. Thanks for spending some time with us, Tara, and thanks to our friends at Park Power for creating community connections in so many ways.

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