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Meet Greg and Laurie Hnatuk

Community Profiles

Greg and Laurie Hnatuk enjoy their life in Cochrane, Alberta. We asked these monthly donors about their CKUA journey, why they donate, and what shows are their favourites.

“We had moved from Wainwright to Lloydminster in 1991, and there was a community of people that put on a fundraiser for CKUA at Lakeland College. CKUA was vulnerable at that time because of changes in its funding, so that event was the first time we donated. That’s when we started listening, too. At the next on-air fundraiser, we donated, and CKUA has been on, all the time, ever since.”

Laurie says it’s hard to choose a favourite program. “We like the jazz, and it’s not always easy to hear live jazz. We like folk and Celtic, too, and still have a soft spot for the older music played on The Old Disc Jockey.”

The Hnatuks say they don’t even need a clock in their house because they listen all day. “We know by the voices what time it is. Grant and Tony and Amy tell us.”

Greg and Laurie think of their support of CKUA as a subscription. They donate monthly, and they don’t pay for other music streaming services. “We don’t need music subscriptions,” says Laurie. “The variety is great, and the knowledge of the announcers adds so much. Lionel and Kodi are musicians themselves, and we can tell their background is strong. It’s like going to a music lecture, with music added.”

Greg notes that CKUA has been the flag-bearer for independent music. “It’s about supporting the artist. CKUA brings in the audience by upholding interesting music and respecting the musicians.”

Laurie calls their monthly CKUA donation “a great deal.” She says, “We have it in the car. It travels with us from transmitter to transmitter, around the province. We take it with us when we go to other parts of Canada.”

“Yeah,” laughs Greg. “There we are in Nova Scotia, firing up the iPad so we can listen to CKUA while we make our breakfast. We feel like CKUA is part of our family.”

Greg and Laurie love the song “Ashokan Farewell” and send this out to their fellow CKUA donors.

CKUA relies on listeners who donate; we are only here because of you. To become a monthly donor, go to