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Listener Stories: Janice Nicolay and CKUA’s “kaleidoscope of musical delights”

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Do you (or someone you know) have a 200-300 word story about you and CKUA that you’d like to share with us? Please let us know by writing us. We’d love to feature it! What do such stories look like?

Well, here’s one by Janice Nicolay!

I am so very grateful to CKUA for the kaleidoscope of musical delights, brilliant eclectic song lists, from the undiscovered to the historic, Canadian and international musicians.

When my soul is touched by a hauntingly favourite tune, it breathes new life and inspiration into my spirit, awakening long dormant dreams through the catalyst of song.

The early days of this pandemic brought social isolation and limited opportunities to experience live music. Listening to CKUA broadcast over the airwaves was my lifeline inspiring me to believe in our collective capacity for restoration and recovery, and reminding me that the spirit of music nourishes us all.

I work from home and my office is bathed with whimsical, cathartic, uplifting, heartbreaking, soul-satisfying, storytelling, and harmonizing melodies. CKUA broadcasts a beacon call of hope compelling us to believe in the power of music, giving us license to acknowledge and express our sacred emotions.

My Saturday morning routine echoes the beautifully eclectic range of Allison Brock’s Wide Cut Country, my absolute favourite show. Alison heralds the vital voice of country, folk, gospel fusion with a brilliant encyclopedic knowledge of musical genres. Yee frickin haw, Allison! Passionate, purposeful, powerful music that lifts the spirit, pricks the conscience, compels us to find our voice, fight injustice, and create innovative solutions to life’s dilemmas.

More favourites—Leeroy Stagger, Baba Singh, Andy Donnelly, Cam Hayden, Holger Petersen, Lionel Rault, Tom Coxworth, and Terry David Mulligan—awesomeness personified.

CKUA makes a dynamic and challenging call to appreciate the eclectic, endorse those troubadours that engage our emotions and reason, gifting us that spark to awaken and evolve. In these extraordinary times, listening to CKUA transports me into a mystical collaboration of like-minded music lovers with wild abandon and immense gratitude.

You fill my heart and grant me the grace to embrace the day’s adventure into memories and new discoveries with optimism. With immense loving gratitude, I thank you.

Janice Nicolay

Thanks again for sharing this story about you and CKUA, Janice!

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