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Meet CKUA’s New Board Members


The CKUA Radio Foundation Board of Directors serves the foundation and its members with representation from around the province of Alberta, with directors residing in Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding areas. The board plays an active role in developing the Strategic Plan and in setting the direction and objectives of the organization.

At CKUA’s Annual General Meeting in February, the Foundation welcomed Jennifer Schaeffer, Stew MacDonald, and Merridy Mitchell, who were elected as incoming board members.

We also acknowledged two people whose time on the board has come to an end. Our whole community extends thanks to Adam Rozenhart and Ken Regan, whose ideas, hard work, and community connections have strengthened CKUA and expanded its impact. We invited Adam and Ken to reflect on their time on the CKUA Board, and also imagine what the years ahead will hold for CKUA.

Ken says, “I think the most profound takeaway from my time on the Board is just how passionate and committed my fellow Board members were/are about CKUA. I wish the CKUA audience had opportunity to eavesdrop on Board meetings, because they’d be absolutely inspired by the dedication and devotion of these incredibly smart people to ensuring CKUA’s success and sustainability. These individuals truly are warriors for CKUA.”

Adam agrees. He says, “Being on the board over the last five years was a huge privilege. I witnessed first-hand the tireless dedication of the staff and volunteers who make CKUA what it is: an incredible, enriching cultural experience that teaches its listeners and supporters something new about the music they love every single day. I was so impressed with what this team was able to do for our community through the COVID-19 pandemic. And I can’t wait to see what changes and new experiences await listeners and supporters as we steam ahead to CKUA’s 100th anniversary!”

Ken knows that this is a critical time to ensure that CKUA will have a healthy future. “There’s never been a radio station in Canada that has survived 100 years with its original vision intact. None. So CKUA’s centennial is an unprecedented and astounding achievement in Canadian broadcasting. CKUA and its audiences, together, must find a way to use the centennial celebration to eliminate CKUA’s debt and create some measure of endowment that will sustain CKUA into the future.”

We thank Ken and Adam for their service on the Board, and we welcome Stew, Jennifer, and Merridy.

If you would like to make a donation or get information about contributing to an endowment fund that will ensure a strong future for CKUA, please get in touch today.

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