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Music is important to Andrew MacLeod and his family. His father, Ian, enjoyed all different kinds of music, and loved to make people “mix tapes” back when that was still a thing. This 30-year tradition allowed Ian to share favourite songs and new discoveries with the people he loved. As a result, Andrew says that he and his three siblings all “have the music bug.” Another family tradition was to donate an hour of CKUA programming—always Mulligan Stew—and then enjoy the music while having dinner together.

This year, that family tradition will carry on, but in a different way. Andrew’s father passed away late in 2022. Plans are underway to gather in May, to mark Ian’s birthday. There’s sadness as they look ahead to this date, but there’s happiness as well. “We need to get organized!” laughs Andrew. “It’s a tradition for us and for our kids. My sister will listen from Toronto. It will feel like being together.”

As for the music they’ll hear, Andrew’s not too worried about the playlist. His family trusts TDM to choose the music. “Sometimes Terry gives us something we’ve never heard. Sometimes he plays something we already know and love. It’s all good.”

You can read more about donating an hour of CKUA programming here.