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Richard Van Camp shares “As I Enfold You in Petals”


As I Enfold You in Petals is a new graphic novel from acclaimed Tłı̨chǫ Dene writer Richard Van Camp. The prolific author, who makes his home in Edmonton, explores Indigenous culture and heritage in his storytelling, which is infused with a wry wit. The latest work from the author is the second in his The Spirit of the Denendeh series, following A Blanket Of Butterflies, the Eisner Award-shortlisted graphic novel.

The story chronicles the exploits of a Tłı̨chǫ Dene man as he seeks to pull back the veneer of colonial influence and connect with his culture in an effort to heal himself and his community.  The graphic novel’s characters are visually brought to life by the duo of Scott B. Henderson and Donovan Yaciuk.

Richard Van Camp joined CKUA’s Tony King on Thoroughfare to talk about the beauty of seeing his works come to life through illustrations, and the delicate nature of handing down stories from generation to generation.