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On Film: We Met In Virtual Reality


The Calgary Underground Film Festival takes place April 21 through May 1 this year, and as always, they are serving up a fascinating array of diverse work.

One of the films on offer is an official Sundance Selection entitled We Met In Virtual Reality by filmmaker Joe Hunting. The director will be attending the festival along with several of the cast, or as he calls them “subjects” of the film. If the notion of Virtual Reality seems at odds with the human condition, We Met In Virtual Reality is a testament to how it’s possible to use technology as a means to share meaningful relationships. The film tells the story of how two couples engaged in a long-distance relationship prepare to physically meet, and how a teacher makes the world a more colourful place for deaf VRChat users.

CKUA’s Tony King was recently joined by director Joe Hunting as he shares how the whole VR experience can be transcendent, evoking never-imagined emotions that shape how we love, our identities and our mental health.

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