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On Theatre: Liam Salmon shares “Subscribe or Like”


Liam Salmon began their tenure as a writer in residence at Workshop West in 2020. The idea was fomented for their work, Subscribe or Like back then, and now the creative seeds are bearing fruit. Liam Salmon’s new play runs May 24 through June 11 at the Gateway Theatre in Edmonton.

Subscribe or Like centres around two millennials, Rachel and Miles, who are drenched in the virtual world permeated by hope and the dream of creating a self-made fortune by developing their own video channel. The crossroads of where idealism and the reality of how far the protagonists are willing to go to make money creates a tension that makes for an electric internet thriller, whose story takes place at the intersection between vivid fantasy and cold capitalism.

Playwright Liam Salmon recently joined Tony King to talk perils of the dark web and more: