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We asked CKUA’s hosts what donors mean to them


We asked CKUA’s hosts what donors mean to them. Their answers were downright inspiring. When you give during the Fall Fundraiser, you can be assured that the people who are behind the microphone appreciate your support.

“The medium is the message: CKUA is a donor-supported broadcaster! CKUA exists FOR its community, and it can only exist BECAUSE of our global community of supporters. That’s what the Fundraiser is all about!” – Grant Stovel

“The donors are my connection to the music as their requests guide the direction of the program. Also, at the festivals and events, it’s great to meet those who are so connected to us.” – Tom Coxworth

“I am constantly in awe of the reach of CKUA, everywhere I travel to, there are fans of the station and they are always the best kinds of people. CKUA is a magnet for lovely folks.” – Leeroy Stagger

“Donor-supported radio is so special. This is radio we make together. We are on the journey of listening, learning, growing and loving all together. We are a community that creates together and supports one another. I am so grateful to be a small part of this community.” – Amy van Keeken

“The key to fundraising is the direct connection to the listeners. It’s a dialogue, and it’s invaluable. There are spoken, written treasures in the comments and suggestions. Even the music requested speaks to us. Fundraising is one of the rare moments we get to collectively meet the donors, and most importantly, would-be donors. Ears and heart are open, and we feel every word sent our way.” – Terry David Mulligan

“Wow, I will never forget the experience of hosting an outdoor stage in Inglewood in Calgary as part of the JazzYYC Summer Festival a few years ago. A few of the folks on the bill included Perpie, Aimee-Jo Benoit and Sanah Kadoura. My heart was beating double time knowing I would be stepping out from behind the comfort of the studio glass to be fully exposed on stage when I ran into Maureen. Maureen and her partner Darren are long time supporters, advocates and volunteers with the CKUA Calgary chapter. In a heartbeat, Maureen had me laughing and reminiscing of a time when great audio equipment could be purchased at ‘Harolds’ and my mind was put at ease. Though the Stereo Shack is no longer around, I am thankful for the greater spiritual community that shares in the love of music and stories. Bless your cotton socks, Maureen!” – Tony King

“Donors are the heartbeat of CKUA. I love getting to connect with donors during Fundraisers and for Donated Hours, because I get to hear their stories and passion. It’s then that I realize that those stories and passion are at the heart of what CKUA truly is.” – Aaron Au

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