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A New Co-Host for On The Rise


On The RiseCKUA’s popular Top 30 countdown show, has a new (though familiar!) voice guiding us. Joe Hartfeil joins Dawn Pemberton to bring you CKUA’s 30 most-played albums each week. Many of you will know Joe’s voice from the wonderful work he’s done as fill-in host over the past months, and most recently, as the host of Morningsong, on Sundays.

We checked in with Joe to see how he’s feeling about his new hosting challenge.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to expand on the fantastic program Dawn has built with her former co-host Brendan Cross (who is now concentrating his herculean talents on behind-the-scenes production matters at CKUA),” he says. “The Top 30 format has so much potential to incorporate different voices and special features, so stay tuned to see what’s ahead in the months to come,” he says.

He’s says he’s thrilled to be working closely with his new co-host.

“The most fun one can have on the radio is being part of a team. The first time I properly met Dawn was also the first time I got to be her guest co-host, so it was lucky we hit it off as well as we did! We’re both busy people whose social lives can take a backseat to business, so even though this show takes a lot of work, Dawn is so good at creating a friendly and easygoing environment that it feels like a couple friends getting together to talk music.”

And if he had to choose an album from the current Top 30 as his personal favourite?

“Waxahatchee is a force of nature,” Joe says. “With this project and especially her new album Tigers Blood, Katie Crutchfield has a way of stringing words and music together that feels almost inevitable. As in: how were these songs never written until just now?!?”

Each new episode airs Friday at noon. Check out the most recent On The Rise, where Dawn interviews Casey Laforet from Elliott Brood as well as Jonah Morris and Maria Khaner of Jed and the Valentine.