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The Power of Philanthropy: CKUA OnDemand

Marc's Mailbag

Four years ago, over a pint of Guinness at an Irish Pub in Calgary, an anonymous CKUA OnDemand donor dropped the gauntlet: “Marc, figure out how CKUA can go on-demand, and I might just have the money to make it happen.”

Challenge accepted.

After much research, planning, and custom development work, most of which took place during a global pandemic, we were pleased to present a free, premium CKUA service to you last week:

The gift of OnDemand to the CKUA community was only possible thanks to the vision and generosity of one individual. This person is a dear friend to the station and someone who cares deeply about making CKUA as relevant and accessible as possible to the current and next generation of listeners and donors who will carry the CKUA mantle long after our 100th anniversary in 2027.

In our donor’s words, “CKUA OnDemand will give people an opportunity to listen to any program for a week after the original broadcast. And CKUA will be able to expand its programming options, to reach new audiences with great content on a flexible schedule.”

I hope you enjoy CKUA OnDemand as much as we, and our donor, hope you will. It is an example of the power of philanthropy and what we can do for our community when we dream big and have the right partners in our corner.

To our anonymous donor, thank you so much, from all of us, for making this next evolution in CKUA’s storied 95-year history possible. Thank you for being part of the legacy.