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Carissa Fedoruk: here for our donors


Carissa Fedoruk has worked at CKUA since January 2023, and she’s the person you’re most likely to reach by phone or by email if you have a question about your donation.

“I’m the External Relations Assistant in Fund Development, so if you’ve reached out as a donor, I’ve probably been the one to help you. I field questions about tax receipts, credit card changes, the processing of donations, and music requests. I also work on fundraising strategy with a wonderful team.”

Carissa says that one of the best parts of her job is hearing how CKUA intersects with people’s daily lives. “I love to hear that people listen to CKUA in the garden or the kitchen. That’s so fun, and radio is an interesting medium because we are in people’s homes! We’re connecting, meeting them where they are.”

Carissa’s background in the arts is strong—and unique. “My mother is a voice teacher, so I grew up singing.  That’s always been my background, and a passion of mine. For singing and performance, I love classical music.”

Carissa has a busy life, with music at its core. She sings with the Richard Eaton Singers in Edmonton, she takes private voice lessons, and she collects antique musical scores.

This love of music and the arts led Carissa to formal studies in the arts. After earning a diploma in Arts and Cultural Management at MacEwan University, she went to Scotland for a field placement with Scottish Opera, and earned a Master of Arts degree in Arts, Festival and Cultural Management from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. Her research area of expertise is the relationship between music and dementia, and how uniquely beneficial music can be for those living with dementia. “I know that this resonates with many of our listeners,” she says, “and it’s just another example of why music is so important in our lives.”

Since returning to Edmonton, she’s jumped right back into the local music community. “I’m on the Young Leadership Council of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Winspear Centre. Our focus is sharing music in the community with other young adults, and advocating for their interests. We support and promote the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Winspear Centre through initiatives like ESO Encounters, a membership program for young adults that offers discounted tickets and networking events. We want the next generation of music lovers to thrive!”

Whether it’s at CKUA or in her work at the Winspear, Carissa’s goal is the same. “We want the arts to be welcoming and accessible. At the Winspear, we want people to love all kinds of music, and think of classical music as ‘theirs.’ And CKUA does this as well. We reach new audiences and show new generations that music is for them.”

Carissa summarizes her approach to her work simply. “CKUA is so connected, and its staff reflect this in the community. I try to do that, too.”

Thanks Carissa! If you’re a donor with a question, you can reach Carissa at

Carissa’s song recommendation: “Ae Fond Kiss” by Robyn Stapleton. “I love modern takes on traditional folk music,” she says.