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CKUA’s New Gift Centre, with Kevin Heaman


CKUA is introducing a new gift service centre. This is a portal where donors can go to update their contact information and donation details.

CKUA Fund Development Coordinator Kevin Heaman is happy to launch this service. “It gives donors flexibility,” he says. “They can access it any time of day, including outside of CKUA’s business hours. If you want to change your donation amount or contact preferences, it gives you options.”

This service is just one project of many that Kevin works on to support donors. He’s been with CKUA since February 2023, and comes to the team with a strong background in fund development, and a Master’s degree in Arts, Festival and Cultural Management from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He’s worked at various festivals and arts organizations, and he appreciates how CKUA supports music and community through broadcasting. “Community spaces that celebrate local acts and emerging artists excite me,” he says. “And I love to think about storytelling through music.”

You can access the new gift service centre/portal here.

And you can send any questions you have to