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“I’m so glad I bought 50/50 tickets!”

Summer 50/50 raffle winner Jana J. is presented with a cheque by CKUA host Tony King.

$121,685. That’s a life-changing sum of money. Just ask Jana J, who was the winner of CKUA’s Golden Summer 50/50 Raffle last August. She heard about the raffle from her boyfriend, who is a long-time CKUA donor. She bought her tickets and didn’t give it much more thought. Until the morning when her phone rang. She’d been working her night-shift job, so she was trying to get some sleep. “When I saw that it was CKUA, I couldn’t believe it, and I thought, there’s no way I’ve won.” Believe it, Jana!


When asked how the winnings have changed her life, Jana says, “I’m enjoying a pretty much debt-free life now. I was able to pay off a lot of bills that kept me working lots of overtime, but now I can just work my regular shift and not worry about bills. It’s such a nice feeling. I’m so glad that I bought tickets, and so happy I could help out CKUA.”

CKUA’s latest raffle is on now and it gives you a chance to win big. The cash jackpot for CKUA’s Snow Bank 50/50 Raffle is growing daily. Get your tickets before February 1.