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Mariel Buckley shares her thoughts about the JUNOS

Five Questions

We recently caught up with Alberta’s own Mariel Buckley, whose latest release, Everywhere I Used to Be, was the top album of 2022 here at CKUA. She’s on the road but answered our five questions, from her tour van. Find out the bands she hopes will take home a JUNO this year, and learn which artist she thinks should have won one by now.

You’re preparing for a sold-out show with Lucas Chaisson at La Cité Francophone in Edmonton as part of the JUNOS celebrations. What can lucky ticket-holders expect from that concert?

Lucas is one of my favourite singer songwriters, in both approach and execution. His show will be a beautiful way to kick the evening off, and I love the band he has around him. Our show will be synth country and probably some swear words, pretty standard MB fare.

Do you remember the first time you watched the JUNOS, and what your impressions were?

I didn’t really grow up watching the JUNOS, but I know their history in Canada is storied, and it’s always a cool thing to catch from the outside.

What does it mean to have the celebrations for the JUNOS in Alberta again?

Alberta and the prairies have some of the country’s best talent, by far. Whenever big operations like this one roll through, I see it as an opportunity for our artists to stand out on the national landscape. It’s pretty cool to spotlight this part of the country, because it’s not often the focal point for industry and touring.

Who’s an artist who should have won a JUNO but has not?

Honestly I think like all awards, lots of folks who don’t have one should, and lots of people who shouldn’t have one do. How has Kathleen Edwards been nominated and not received one? Like that’s bananas to me. It’s not worth really worrying about, though. Awards are just a nice dessert after your favourite dinner: nice to receive if you didn’t pay for it or expect it, but not worth losing sleep over. In my opinion.

Any JUNOS predictions for our audience? Who is going to win big on March 13?

I hope to see The Bros. Landreth take one home. They’ve been such a great support and mentors to me. Also hoping to see Alberta boys Altameda take one. They’re a couple’a beauties. Really I just hope everyone has some beers and a good time.