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Lindsey Sharman of the Art Gallery of Alberta

Community Profiles

The Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) is a cherished hub for arts and culture in Edmonton’s downtown core. Lindsey Sharman is curator of this vibrant establishment, creating exhibitions and events that draw people together over a shared love of visual art.

At CKUA, community connections are also at the heart of all we do. We were happy to oblige when Kris Kasawski, Owner and Business Developer at Park Power, invited us to shine a spotlight on the AGA.

“Park Power is a big advocate for the arts in the communities we serve as we feel that arts and culture are great catalysts for positive community building. The AGA is definitely one of those catalysts in the Edmonton region,” says Kris. “We are big fans of the AGA here at Park Power and regularly visit to enjoy the enlightening and educating exhibits. It is a privilege to be able to showcase the Art Gallery of Alberta thanks to our partnership with CKUA.”

Lindsey has been curator of the AGA since 2018. “My role is essentially organizing exhibitions,” she says. “It means meeting with artists to get to know their perspectives and then organizing exhibitions of the work.”

It’s a job filled with fresh inspiration, she says. “I get to see the world through other people’s eyes. When you’re working with an artist you’re really getting to see the world from their unique perspective and then also allowing viewers to the exhibition to try on that gaze as well.”

Building community is key at the AGA, she says. “It starts with giving people a safe, accepting place to come to. We try to create an environment where people feel they belong and that they’re welcome.”

“I think it’s important that everybody should have a sense of belonging somewhere,” Lindsey continues. “It makes for healthier communities, healthier people and hopefully generates more understanding amongst people.”

CKUA is a key cultural connector in the community as well, she says. It’s also, for her, an important source of musical inspiration. “I always find it a great education when I listen to CKUA. I find the way we consume music now is so pre-determined, with algorithms feeding me back everything I already listen to. CKUA is where I go to find new things or unexpected things.”

Thanks for spending some time with us, Lindsey, and thanks to our friends at Park Power for creating community connections in so many ways.

Lindsey’s Song Recommendation: “Try” by Faith Healer