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“It could happen to you!” says Lisa, our last 50/50 winner


The last time we talked with Lisa C., it was September and she had just learned she’d won $140,265. Now, almost four months later, it’s time to check in. How has life been since an unexpected six figures landed in her bank account?

When we last spoke, a new car was top of the list. Check! Lisa is now the proud owner of an extremely shiny Subaru Outback.

Was it fun getting a new vehicle? “Oh hell yeah,” laughs Lisa. “Because I truly drive my cars until they die. I think this is the fourth vehicle I’ve bought.”

Her 2006 Impreza was on its last legs, which made the 50/50 win well-timed.

The plan was to pick up her fancy new wheels on a Monday. “The Saturday prior, my Impreza died on the highway to St. Albert. Its life was over.” She had to laugh at the timing. “I just made it, barely!” she says.

Going from an old, no-frills car to a 2022 model has been extremely enjoyable, Lisa says. “It’s so nice to have a new vehicle, especially with 14 years’ difference of bells and whistles and buttons and trinkets.”

“It’s all quite new and fun … but I think I need to read the manual,” she laughs. “Sometimes it does things and I’m like, ‘what was that, what happened?’ It does things by itself and I’m just so impressed.”

Equally satisfying has been tackling overdue home repairs. The roof and eavestroughs have been repaired, a bathtub replaced. Starting this week an old, water-damaged stippled ceiling will be transformed to fresh, stylish tin tile. “It feels really, really good,” she says, of being able to get so many household repairs done at once.

Next up is a big trip, though Lisa and her husband haven’t made a plan yet. They’re thinking maybe Greece, in May.

When she first won the cash, Lisa splashed out on a few pairs of shoes and paid for significant parts of two girlfriends’ trips. “If you win a nice blob of money, it’s really very exciting. You can make so many things happen without worrying about it. It’s a great feeling, it really is.”

Now Lisa is spreading the good word about the CKUA 50/50 Raffle. “I’ve been telling all my friends: ‘make sure you get your 50/50 tickets, it could happen to you!’”

It’s worthwhile, she says. “You’ll never win if you don’t buy them. And it’s a great way to support CKUA so why not?”

And now, you can buy your own tickets for a chance to win the CKUA 50/50 Raffle.

Sales end at midnight on Friday, January 12, and the draw will be held on Monday, January 15, 2024. There are multiple ticket packages available. Tickets may be purchased only within Alberta.

Get in on the fun, tell your friends, and good luck!