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Fall Fundraiser 2023: Where Did We Land?


We loved hearing from so many people during CKUA’s Fall Fundraiser. This is a strong community, powered by generous people, and we want to provide an update about the goals we set, and what we see when we look ahead.

We set the following goals:
$820,000 in donations
250 first-time donors
350 new monthly donors

At midnight on Sunday, October 29, this is where we stood:
$685,806 in total donations
229 first-time donors
206 new monthly donors

Fund Development Manager Greg Latham says, “We have to set ambitious goals for fundraiser, not because we like big numbers, but because we need that level of support to meet our budget projections. We consistently produce incredible radio. That premium product costs money, and we know so many listeners appreciate it very much. But the reality is that only 10% of our listeners donate. That’s the dial that needs to move. We need everyone who values CKUA to support us. And for the ones who do already—we are so grateful that you believe in this. And that your belief in us is grounded in financial support. We can’t say it enough: thank you!”

As for what’s next, CEO Marc Carnes says, “In full transparency, without government funding and with a legal cap on advertising, another funding shortfall from our listeners means we have to stretch every dollar to maintain our programming. This means making hard decisions and sacrifices behind the scenes, delaying critical investments, and increasing our fundraising at other times this year. We will make every effort, at a cost to the organization and our staff, to minimize the impact on the program quality and reliability our donors reward with their generosity.” To hear more thoughts from Marc, please read his article here. 

What can you do if you want to help? Tell your friends and neighbours about CKUA. Word-of-mouth from dedicated listeners is a strong endorsement. And of course, it’s never too late to give. It’s easy to do at 

Thank you so much to all who donated during the fundraiser. Each campaign has its own special moments, and we were so grateful to share them with you: fun host pairings, terrific tunes, a live broadcast, two open houses, Amy’s “Doubling Your Dollars” jingle, and beautiful comments that lifted our spirits. Your generosity keeps the music playing!