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Donor D’Arcy Barton: On the Road with CKUA


D’Arcy Barton spends a lot of time driving Alberta’s highways, and he’s happy to have CKUA along for the ride. He regularly travels between Medicine Hat, where he lives, to his work in Grande Prairie. “I love that when I travel from my home to my work and back again, I can listen to it the entire way. And yes, I have all the presets programmed in my truck radio.”

Barton grew up listening to CKUA. “It was ALWAYS playing in my dad’s garage, like 24/7. Then I remember when I was in my mid 20s, I made a donation during a campaign and requested ‘There is a Meeting Here Tonight’ by Joe and Eddie.” He says got a phone call two minutes later, thanking him.

Now, he says, “I have discovered tons of new music through this station, and learned of upcoming concerts, and who is coming to the festivals in Alberta.”

He has a particular fondness for The Road Home, hosted by Bob Chelmick. “My mornings start early, so Bob is my morning commute to work. His show always sets my mind straight for the upcoming day.”

His connection to CKUA has evolved over time. “There was a time when I could not afford to be a monthly donor, but I still listened. Now it just makes sense to donate monthly.” His message to others is simple: “I can remember when CKUA went off the air, and we don’t want that to happen again, so please help keep this world treasure on the air.”

When asked for a musical suggestion, he says it’s tough to pick just one song, but settles on Dr. Hook’s “Carry Me, Carrie.” It’s a favourite of his dad’s, and Barton and his two brothers used to sing it at yearly Thanksgiving jams. “I don’t sing much anymore, but I’ll probably have to destroy the high harmonies for the old man’s upcoming 80th!”

Our thanks to D’Arcy, for sharing his story, and for supporting CKUA with a monthly donation.

April is an important fundraising month for CKUA. Please join the mighty crew of donors who sustain CKUA with a monthly donation. The time is now.