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CKUA by the Numbers


Part of the power, and potential, of your CKUA community, is in its numbers.

During our fundraising campaigns Allison Brock, the host of Wide Cut Country, is fond of saying, “It’s not how much, it’s how many.” It’s so true. Of our 500,000 monthly listeners, 2.4% or 12,000 give generously from all around the world, contributing nearly $3,500,000* each year. With this support, you know that any time you touch your dial or push a button, CKUA will be right there for you with entertainment, kinship, and a musical escape.

In recent weeks the world has quickly adopted new ways to keep us all connected. It’s clear music, media and entertainment will evolve as a result.

CKUA made considerable changes this week, alone, going live from 17 home studios in four days at the start of this campaign, instead of our usual two broadcast studios. As I look to the future, my heart races as I imagine the ways we can become more connected and more supportive of each other in this increasingly digital world if 2.4% of our donating audience grew to 3, or even 5%. It’s the kind of grassroots support that sends a loud signal to the world that during these days of uncertainty, staying connected to music and the arts, and each other, matters more than ever.

While our on-air campaign is a call for one-and-all to join The Crew, we also have opportunities that may resonate with you if you prefer to tie your name to a specific initiative. For example, did you know you can, among others:

  • Sponsor your favourite show for a month or a year
  • Sponsor your transmitter in your hometown
  • Sponsor CKUA’s Live Stream or the APP
  • Sponsor a series or information segment like or our daily Arts and Culture segment
  • Sponsor our library’s music collection and archival preservation work


Do it yourself, do it through your business, do it with a group of friends. How ever you choose to support CKUA, and no matter how much, thank you for bringing people comfort, expanding their horizons, and keeping us all connected through People Powered radio.

* CKUA’s annual operating budget is over $6,000,000 to present you with 6,552 hours of original programming every year. Learn more about how we put your donation to work by clicking on our highlights page

Marc Carnes, CKUA Foundation CEO
April 2020

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