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On Theatre: Passeport at L’UniTheatre


Passeport is a series of Alberta stories, but it also takes us into the lives and struggles of people from many different points across the globe. This exciting ensemble theatre piece offers a diverse range of Black Francophone perspectives on what it is to be a newcomer in Canada. A presentation of Edmonton’s l’UniThéâtre, it’s a theatrical tapestry of stories about people who leave faraway countries in order to make a new home in Alberta.

Presented in a documentary style, Passeport draws on the broad spectrum of experiences which can cause people to uproot themselves from their lives, communities and families. Many of these stories of migration are sparked by intensely painful challenges, while others are spurred to move to Alberta by far-reaching dreams and aspirations. Just as this work traces a variety of portraits of Black Francophone newcomers, it also stars a diverse ensemble of talented Black performers.

The play is co-directed by Steve Jodoin and the show’s playwright, Robert Suraki Watum. CKUA’s Grant Stovel spoke with L’UniTheatre Artistic Director Steve Jodoin about Passeport: