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On Books: Poet Gavin Bradley releases “Separation Anxiety”


What do unearthing dinosaur bones and sitting at your desk, quill in hand, have in common? Well on the face of it…not much, it would seem. However, dispelling that myth that artists cannot be scientists is University of Alberta lecturer Gavin Bradley.

The poet’s day job is to teach classes for the university, but at night and oft times into the wee small hours of the morning, Gavin Bradley vexes over palindromes instead of paleontology. The Irish ex-pat has a new book of poems out entitled Separation Anxiety.

This debut volume of poems explores alienation, and the fleeting sense of oneself as it slips away because of loss. Like his fellow Irish compatriot Seamus Heaney, Gavin Bradley is a guy who delicately balances a spade in one hand and a pen in the other.

CKUA’s Tony King talks to Gavin Bradley about tiptoeing along the tightrope of art and science:

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