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James Fell swears his way through history


Calgary-based author James Fell was in the process of transitioning from being a fitness writer to becoming a public speaker when the pandemic closed everything down in 2020. So, he took to Facebook and started to post interesting, funny – and often characteristically “swear-y” – historical tidbits on his Facebook page.

Those posts proved so popular that he was able to self-publish a book full of these quirky historical facts.

CKUA originally spoke with James shortly after the launch of his second book in the series. He has since then inked a huge deal with U.S. publishing giant, Penguin Random House, which has re-released a new and improved version of James’ novel On This Day In History Sh!t Went Down.

James Fells joins Lisa Wilton on Traffic Jams to talk about his journey and why Sweary History is so appealing to readers.