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Alberta Spotlight: Holiday Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated the gig economy, impacting all aspects and individuals who derive a living from live music experiences.

Professional musicians who rely on performance income are among the most vulnerable cohorts. The Province of Alberta recognizes the urgent need to support artists through these challenging times, and also the importance that home-grown talent has in connecting Albertans through music.

As 2020 draws to a close, we can reminisce about how Albertans have stepped up to make the best of our situation. We found joy in sharing our passions online with audiences that we’ve missed so dearly, and we collaborated in more creative ways than we ever thought possible. We watched as artists from across this province sang their hearts out and shared comfort with us through their music.

Earlier this year, The Government of Alberta, Alberta Music, the National Music Centre (NMC), CKUA, and Stagehand collaborated on the Alberta Spotlight series, a weekly digital concert initiative that showcased over 75 acts from across the province, providing free concerts for people watching from home and support to artists during the pandemic.

We’re thrilled to offer one last special holiday concert to close out this year, featuring a variety of Alberta musicians including, George Canyon, Maddie Storvold, K-Riz, Lynn Olagundoye, and Joal Kamps. Enjoy!

Please note, some artists have chosen not to accept tips. In these cases, links have been provided to their website or Stagehand page.

Thank you to everyone who engaged with the Alberta Spotlight series by tuning in or performing. We are no longer accepting applications for this program. Please revisit past performances here – it is a diverse collection which will continue to highlight the vibrant musical talent of Alberta.