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Twice the Thanks for Doubling Your Dollars


With great humility and tremendous gratitude, CKUA thanks its listeners and supporters for another historic and overwhelming fundraising event.

Our Double Your Dollars initiative on June 24, 2020 came about when a remarkable member of our community, Brian Beresh, offered to match any incoming donations up to the tune of $25,000.

As the day rolled on and you stepped up in a huge way, we were on pace to quickly hit our $50,000 goal and so Brian—again, this is remarkable stuff—increased his donation by $10,000, which meant our new matching target was $70,000.

Well, once the dust settled, you and Brian raised $64,440! And eight cents! All for CKUA.

We value our work and our responsibility to you. Our supporters. Our listeners. Our community. You keep us going in so many ways, emotionally and professionally, and, during this volatile and uncertain economic landscape, your continued financial contributions truly sustain us.

Again, thanks to Brian, thanks to you, and thanks to our staff for engineering another celebratory day for CKUA.

More to come…