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Scenic Route to Alaska


It’s hard to believe, but a new record by Scenic Route to Alaska will be the group’s seventh album. It all started with a six-song EP in 2011.

The Edmonton-based trio, comprised of vocalist and guitarist Trevor Mann, drummer Shea Connor, and bassist Murray Wood, enjoys the recording process, always trying to create the best version of a live show for each album. Says Mann, “We always record our records live off the floor. We play as a band.”

And although they’ve worked with some terrific producers over the years, he says, “We produced this one ourselves. We have amassed an education, working with so many good people, so we recorded this one and used great gear at Studio Bell in Calgary.”

After that, Mann went to bass player Murray Wood’s house, where his basement is affectionately known as “The Jazz Café.” Says Mann, “That’s where the lead vocals, groups vocals, and extra touches were added.”

From there, they sent the work to Marcus Paquin, in Montreal. He’s a famous producer and mixer who has worked with Begonia, The National, Sarah Harmer, and others.

Mann is pleased with the final result. “We got comfortable being uncomfortable, if that makes sense. We left our comfort zone, and that inspired us to try something new. We’re always looking to grow, and learn new things.”

The group loves playing close to home, and has April shows planned in Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. “We are so lucky to be a band from Alberta. The prairies have an underdog vibe, and we are looking forward to seeing our fans. Our Alberta shows are so fun.”

He adds, “We are spoiled to have loyal funs, and the music scene here is wholesome. Sometimes the people who sing along are louder than I am. And we wouldn’t be where we are as a band without CKUA championing us from Day One.”

Hear the title track from the new album, Lasts Forever. The album is available April 12, and you can find show dates at