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Logan Klaus, Launching a New Era


Logan Klaus is a high-energy, joyful human and musician. He’s launching his debut album, Genesis, at the Starlite Room on Jan. 13. With a bit of luck the roof will stay on.

At 22, he says he’s been exploring music most of his life. “I was always learning and learning. It was mostly to fool around, never something serious, until I was in junior high. I had a friend pass away and that’s what got me into songwriting. It was the only way I could communicate what I was feeling. Once I experienced that for the first time, it got me hooked.”

He studied guitar and piano until the eighth grade. “After that I kind of went to ‘YouTube University,’” he laughs.

Growing up, he loved 70s and 80s music. “I was a rock ‘n’ roll guy for a long time and rebelled against pop music. But as I created more, I realized that pop music is far more complicated than the rock people make it out to be.”

Now he plays joyful, complex pop. Genesis is officially his debut album. He may have made one album previously but hopes it doesn’t count.

“I did make an album in twelfth grade and I’ve since destroyed it. All evidence is gone! It never existed,” he laughs. “It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot recording it but the quality of the album was embarrassing.”

He’s since devoted a lot of time and funds to learning about recording music and acquiring equipment. knowledge.

“When I got out of high school I became an electrician for a while and I decided to invest all the money I was making as an electrician into studio equipment. And I started taking online courses.”

He recorded Genesis himself, playing all the instruments.

“The music I’m releasing right now is actually recorded and written completely on my own in a small closet in my parents’ basement,” he laughs.

He will have a full band at his Starlite show.

“The music is kind of sleepy indie pop but it will be a rock show live. We plan on putting on a high energy performance.” There will be two other bands playing and a magician emceeing. “We’re just excited about throwing the biggest party we possibly can.”

He describes his music as “very neo-retro 80s nostalgia indie pop music.” He adds, “I was trying to go to the most joyful and happiest place I could go while still being authentic and not trying to be too ‘queso’ with the lyrics.”

He’s been away for the past year, between Nashville and Costa Rica. This moment feels like the launch of a new era in his life, he says.  “The album title is Genesis which is Greek for beginning or birth.”

Logan Klaus plays the Starlite Room for his album release party, Jan. 13. Details here.

“Trust” from Genesis: