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Leeroy Stagger and CKUA Live


What are you doing March 21? We hope you’ll join us at the Westbury Theatre (Fringe Arts Barns) in Edmonton for CKUA Live, a premiere event that will raise funds for CKUA. The evening will include live music, mingling with friends, and celebrating all things CKUA.

Leeroy Stagger will travel to Edmonton to headline the concert, and when we ask him what he’s looking forward to, it’s hard for him to pick just one thing.

“Any time I get to hang out with CKUA’s listeners, that fills my cup. The CKUA community loves music. We’re united as hosts and listeners when we get together to celebrate music. With CKUA, it’s all about community and the importance of the arts.” Then he adds, enthusiastically, “This will be my first show of 2024, so getting my band together is also going to be great!”

Leeroy’s band is usually made up of four people, but for the CKUA Live event, southern Alberta favourite Ryland Moranz will be added, to make a five-piece band.

Leeroy was glad to be asked to play for the fundraising event, and he hopes the audience feels what he feels as a CKUA listener. “I hope people are blown away by the uniqueness of CKUA. At the concert, maybe they can see a little bit how the station works, and then know that there are so few institutions like it. Most of all I want people to enjoy themselves, and really feel what CKUA is all about.”

CKUA Live will feature guest artist Kaeley Jade, and headliners Leeroy Stagger and Tony D. Find info and get your tickets here.