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In memory of CKUA supporter, Clayton Schamehorn

On Friday, April 15, the hour between 10 and 11 AM MT will be a donated hour in memory of Clayton Schamehorn. Clayton loved many things: his family, his work, nature, dogs, cooking, and music. His love of music led him to a love of CKUA, and a particular fondness for Baba‘s program, Mid-Morning Mojo.

Alia Schamehorn sums up their father’s approach to music simply: “His philosophy was that radio needs to play good music, and CKUA plays good music.” They note that their dad would often invite others to share his enthusiasm for a song, an artist, or a particular CKUA program. He loved The Celtic Show, The Road Home, and World Spinning, sometimes calling family-members to tell them, “You’ve got to listen right now!”

The Schamehorn family donated this hour to honour and remember Clayton, and to invite others to support CKUA. A donated hour gives hosts and listeners a chance to connect and talk about favourite artists and beloved songs. Listening together is often a shared experience for families or groups of friends. We always feel honoured when people choose to remember loved ones this way. It’s a privilege to be invited into the tender moments of people’s lives, sharing music to celebrate a life well lived.

Alia has invited family and friends to listen to the donated hour on April 15, saying, “He was all about the music, and he wanted CKUA to keep going. If people donate during the fundraiser, I know it would have meant a lot to him.”

Many thanks to the Schamehorn family for their generosity.