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House Blend Playlist: July 9, 2018

House Blend Playlist

The Picks

Tom Coxworth: Jefferson Airplane, “High Flying Bird”

Fifty-two years ago, during 1966, early folk into rock, second only to The Bryds. Not The Grateful Dead — their debut was six month later.


Orest Soltykevych: Chronos Vocal Ensemble, Jordan van Biert, “Ambe” by Andrew Balfour

Edmonton’s Chronos Vocal Ensemble performs a song by Winnipeg-based composer Andrew Balfour. It’s based on an original song in Ojibway that was gifted to him by a traditional drummer and singer who describes the song as “a call to the people to the ceremonial way of life.”

*This song is not on Spotify. Tune in to CKUA this week to hear it!


Bob Chelmick: Aaron Neville with Mavis Staples, “Respect Yourself”

Timeless advice delivered with funk and soul.


Roy Forbes: The Band, “We Can Talk”

I’ve had The Band’s Music From Big Pink on the brain these past few days, reading endless articles on the upcoming 50th anniversary edition of this trailblazing record. Check out “We Can Talk” for some mind boggling, crazy-quilt vocal interplay from Levon Helm, Rick Danko and Richard Manuel. 


Cam Hayden: The Proven Ones, “If You Be My Baby”

The Proven Ones are all veterans of the blues, both West Coast and East Coast, featuring Kid Ramos on guitar and the all-star rhythm section of Willie Campbell and Jimi Bott. Throw in piano man, Anthony Geraci, and you’ve got a stone- cold, solid blues, great all around new disc titled, Wild Again.


Lark Clark: Tri-Continental, “Lakalaka”

After a hiatus of eight years, Bill Bourne, Lester Quitzau and Madagascar Slim are back together — and it’s still magic. Great guitar licks, and on this track, we can pronounce the Malagasy title!

*This song is not on Spotify. Tune in to CKUA this week to hear it!


Cathy Ennis: Kacey Musgraves, “Slow Burn”

Kacey Musgraves’ new album, Golden Hour, is a real beauty! A major, creative leap from 2015’s Pageant Material. She co-wrote and co-produced all 13 tracks on Golden Hour and it’s tough for me to pick just one. But okay. Here goes. “Slow Burn” because I love the imagery.


Mark Antonelli: David Aaron Carpenter, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, “Gathering Storm” by Alexey Shor

I had never encountered Alexey Shor’s music before this disc arrived. What a happy discovery! “Gathering Storm” is a movement of Shor’s “Seascapes”, a descriptive concerto for viola and orchestra. The recording features some other pieces by Shor and I’d like to hear a lot more of his music.

*This song is not on Spotify. Tune in to CKUA this week to hear it!


Matt Masters: The Suffers, “Mammas”

This Houston-based, 10-piece, gulf coast soul ensemble have a track record of taking care of their neighbourhood. This song sings an uplifting message about a mother’s love. Do you know how loved you are? It also has a super groove.


Dianne Donovan: Bob Schneider + The Galaxy Kings, ” Corn Flakes and Sodium Pentothal

Couldn’t help but notice that this Austinite is on CKUA’s Top 10 List. I’ve had the opportunity to hear him a lot — disclosure: someone with whom I am close, works with him a fair bit. He is one of the most talented songwriters I’ve ever met. Musically, a chameleon; lyrically: clever, astute and often funny.

*This song is not on Spotify. Listen to it here or tune in to CKUA this week to hear it!


Amy van Keeken: The Arcs, “Lake Superior”

On July 3, Richard Swift passed away. He was a prolific and incredibly creative singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist who worked with many artists including The Shins, Sharon Van Etten, Damien Jurado and Foxygen. He was also the drummer for The Arcs. Here is a catchy number released by The Arcs in 2016. RIP Richard Swift.