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CKUA Announces Programming Ch-ch-ch-changes!


Some big news for CKUA listeners: our programming schedule is changing!

We’re feeling pretty lucky to be able to freshen up CKUA’s programming offerings with a mix of familiar voices in different time slots along with some brand new shows.

Here’s what’s happening:

Stepping back into the daylight hours from his current late night assignment is veteran CKUA host Tony King. Taking over the 2 to 4 PM slot with his new show called Siesta, Tony will brighten up the afternoons with his contemporary mix of punk, funk, soul, and jazz.

“I’m excited to get back on the air doing radio during the day again, partly because I am an “adrenaholic,” in that I just love taking those trepidatious steps along the high wire that is live radio–the immediacy of the medium makes my heart pound. In addition to this, I’m hoping SIESTA will open a whole new chapter in interactive radio with our listeners, whom I value as an integral piece in the CKUA puzzle.”
– Tony King

When one CKUA host moves, another host must immediately step in because there can be no silent spaces in the CKUA program schedule! With Tony’s move to the mid-afternoons, it creates a new opportunity in his former Monday to Thursday, 10 PM to midnight, time slot.

Twilight will be the new home for various guest curators drawn from CKUA announcers and members of the larger CKUA family to each spend a week sharing their playlists tailored to that special time of night between waking and sleeping.


Prepare your ears for new sounds on Mondays!

Cathy Ennis invites us into The Listening Room between 9 AM and noon for her unique take on contemporary music from around the world.

“The Listening Room has always been my favourite place to be here at CKUA. Whether you can spend three minutes or three hours here with me, my aim is to captivate your ears. I’m here every Monday morning from 9 to noon and I sincerely hope you’ll join me, too.” 
– Cathy Ennis

After the past eighteen months delighting the ears of early morning and late night listeners, acclaimed singer-songwriter David Myles finally moves into the daytime at noon on Mondays with a focus on gifted songwriters and the brilliant songs they’ve created on his program Myles From Home.

“This new time slot is super exciting for me obviously. I love making the show and I’m thrilled to hopefully be reaching a bigger day time audience. Gonna be a great year!”
– David Myles

Full Circle, the all-indigenous music program hosted by Celeigh Cardinal heard Fridays at 8 PM., will spread its wings even further with a new audience Monday afternoons at 1 PM.


Saturday nights are going to get a little louder for an hour at 11 PM, as guitarist and broadcaster, Erin Ross, turns things up with The Decibel Meter.

“The change for me is a move to a different mix of tunes, and a chance to share my love of heavier music with the CKUA listening audience. I’ll be sharing loud music including psychedelic rock, experimental rock, heavy metal, stoner rock, some classic and southern rock as well as punk and more. I’m also excited to feature some great Alberta and Canadian talent.”
– Erin Ross

Did you know that there are more adults in Alberta that participate in choir than in adult hockey? In that case, Sunday nights will become their radio home, as experienced chorister, Orest Soltykevych, shares his passion for classical vocal and choral music on Raising Voices between 6 and 8 PM.

“I am thrilled to be able to host a program that devotes a full two-hour complement of classical vocal and choral music for our listeners.”
– Orest Soltykevych

So, there you have it! Check out our on-air schedule for the latest updates and please warmly welcome our announcers to their official, new homes!