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Anna Somerville: My Essential Albums 2018

Essentials List


Every year, we ask our CKUA hosts, Alberta artists and others in the music community to submit their picks for the must-have albums of the year. For 2018, more that 45 people responded with their top ten lists. We’ve put them together and crunched the numbers to create our massive 30 Essential Albums list.

We also wanted to highlight the individual lists made by our jurors. You can find links to everyone who submitted and their own personal top ten lists on our Essentials Jury page.


Anna Somerville

President, Blueberry Bluegrass Festival


Anna’s Top Album


Front and Center, Sideline

2 The Travelin’ McCourys, The Travelin’ McCourys

3 Rivers and Roads, Special Consensus

4 Queen City Jubilee, Slocan Ramblers

5 Pictures of Us, Braden Gates

6 Sweet Old Religion, Pharis and Jason Romero

7 Royal Traveller, Missy Raines

8 When The Sun Comes Up, The Lonesome Ace Stringband

9 Jessica Heine, Goodbye Party

10 The Way These Things Go, FY5



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Allison Brock // Amy van Keeken // Andy Donnelly // Anna Somerville // Arianne Smith-Piquette // Baba //Bob Chelmick // Cam Hayden // Cathy Ennis // Celeigh Cardinal // Cindy McLeod // Colleen Brown // Darcy Whiteside // David Ward // Deb Rasmussen // Dianne Donovan // Erin Ross // Grant Stovel // Hayley Muir // Jason Troock // Jason Valleau // Jenie Thai // Kaely Cormack // Keri Rak // Kerry Clarke // Kodi Hutchinson // Kris Harper // Lark Clark // Leeroy Stagger // Leo Cripps // Lionel Rault // Lisa Wilton // Mariel Buckley // Mark Antonelli // Matt Masters // Meg Wilcox // Orest Soltykevych // Oskar Zybart // Rich Taylor // Sammy Jean // Shaela Miller // Terry David Mulligan // Tom Coxworth // Tony King