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95th Birthday Celebration!


You’re invited to join the fun on Monday, November 21.

CKUA is turning 95 years young, and our celebrations would be incomplete without you, the listeners and donors who support and encourage us every day. Tune in to hear birthday wishes from some special guests, festive music, and host recollections about their favourite CKUA moments.

Alberta Morning, with Grant Stovel

6am-9am MT

Grant will be focusing on the usual—exciting new music, Arts & Culture news, important weather information. However, we’ll hear a bit about all of the above from back in 1927, as well from as the present day! By checking out some popular music and a few of the important news items of the day, we’ll cast our minds (and ears) back to what the world was like when CKUA first began its improbable story in November of 1927. We’ll also enjoy a bit of a “then and now” experience, as we listen to songs from the 1920s, as recorded by some of CKUA’s favourite musicians of the 2020s!

Discoveries, with Leo Cripps

9am-11am MT

When Leo’s in the host chair on CKUA’s birthday, he’ll explore his personal connection with CKUA (how he got “hooked”), he’ll share some CKUA history, and he’ll spin some music by international artists that CKUA has introduced to Alberta. Enjoy some music from 1927, some music from artists born in 1927, and, as always, some new discoveries.

Thoroughfare, with Tony King

1pm-3pm MT

Tony will play a selection of artists that are based in or around each of CKUA’s 16 transmitters, and he’ll share some clips from vintage CKUA programs. Plus, let’s celebrate great achievements from November 21: Thomas Edison accidentally invents the phonograph, Ella Fitzgerald wins amateur night at the Apollo Theatre, and the “Who Shot J.R.” episode of the popular TV show Dallas airs.

Traffic Jams, with Lisa Wilton

3pm-6pm MT

Joins Lisa as she features artists born in 1927, including Cleo Laine, Al Martino, Harlan Howard, Porter Wagoner, Amos Milburn and Laurel Aitken. Plus, she’ll ask listeners what year they started listening to CKUA and play music from that year. Listeners are also invited to share an artist or song they discovered through CKUA.

Catch & Release, with Kerry Clarke

6pm-8pm MT

As coincidence would have it, Harry Belafonte was born the same year CKUA went on air. Also in 1927, Al Jolson performed the first talkie, the jazz singer. Hear his song “Charleston,” Duke Ellington’s “Creole Love Call,” and some ditties about airplanes to celebrate Charles Lindberg’s flight solo, non-stop flight across the Atlantic. Oh, and some film soundtracks to mark the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences formation. Happy 95th birthday, CKUA! You’re like our oldest, coolest grandmother.

Classic Examples, with Mark Antonelli

8pm-10pm MT

Mark will be playing Igor Stravinsky’s take on “Happy Birthday,” his so-called “Greeting Prelude.” Tune in to hear the Stuttgart Brass Quartet in Irvin Wagner’s “Variations On Happy Birthday.” You’ll hear the famous song arranged in the style of Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, and in Brazilian, New Orleans and Cowboy styles! Mark will also be sharing some classical pieces from 1927, including Aaron Copland’s Piano Concerto and the Suite from Zoltan Kodaly’s opera Hary Janos.


Also, If you’re in Edmonton or Calgary, look up at the night sky for some unique celebrations. On November 21, the High Level Bridge in Edmonton will be lit up in yellow to mark CKUA’s 95th birthday, and on November 22, the Calgary Tower will be lit up in yellow to celebrate the occasion.

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