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The Rural Alberta Advantage | Found a Home Here

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The Rural Alberta Advantage’s 2023 album The Rise & The Fall is full of Albertan references. However, it has also managed to connect with fans from around the world! Renowned UK newspaper The Independent named it one of their Best Albums of 2023, alongside albums by Olivia Rodrigo and Lana Del Rey. Perhaps the most exciting part of this new album is that it sees all three original members back in action together.  

 The tour saw the band take a swing through Alberta, which included a visit to CKUA’s studios for this episode of Hidden Track Stories.  

 We’ll hear about the band’s rich history, including what it was like to play for 50,000 fans at the NHL’s Heritage Classic between the Oilers and the Flames.  

Host: Grant Stovel | Producer: Scott Zielsdorf | Graphics: Craig Taffs | Music: Doug Hoyer
Recording provided by Duke Paetz and Brendan Cross.

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