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Shayleigh Sihlis and The View From Here at Rosebud Theatre


Shayleigh Sihlis is an emerging Alberta theatre artist, who recently completed a four-year fellowship program at the Rosebud School of the Arts. Her final school project was scheduled to run in May, but it was postponed to this weekend due to Covid-19.

Rated RSO: The View From Here is a coming-of-age musical production that features the music and lyrics of one New York theatre’s most exciting new voices, Ryan Scott Oliver.

A friend’s recommendation Shayleigh to Ryan’s work and she explained what struck her about his music when she first heard it …

Rated RSO: The View From Here takes place Saturday and Sunday at the outdoor stage next to Rosebud Theatre. Rosebud is 25 minutes southwest of Drumheller.

For tickets and more information, e-mail