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On books: ‘Midlife’ explored


Midlife hangs in air like the elephant in the room. It’s that time when people are either too busy, or in too vulnerable a state to talk about what’s really going on. Enter a pandemic and, lo-and-behold, people have a little more time on their hands.

Sarah Chan and Jhenifer Pabillano were students at the University of Alberta who contributed to their newspaper The Gateway. As such, they cultivated a number of like-minded friends. Now, because it seems some folks have more time on their hands, Chan and Pabillano came up with the idea to reach out to their cohorts, 20 years later to have them share insight into their lives.

The official launch of the book, Midlife, will take place via their YouTube channel. Tony King took some time to catch up with Chan and Pabillano to learn more about Midlife.