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On Art: Mika Haykowsky brings us ‘Superspreader’

Superspreader at Latitude 53
“Superspreader” image courtesy of the artist.

“What do these new and imposed public barriers, shields, and masks inflict on our nervous system as the restrict physical contact from others?… How can I portray these feelings of stretched isolation and the vastness of our bodies?”

These are the questions that have occupied the imagination of visual artist Mika Haykowsky through the pandemic era, and which form the creative springboard for a new show at Latitude 53 in Edmonton. Through drawings, installations and video, Mika presents Superspreader, an exhibition which explores “intimacy, barriers between bodies, and public healing.”

You can check out the work in progress in an Open Studio setting at Latitude 53 through August 13th, and the exhibition itself begins August 14th.

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