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Michael B. MacDonald examines the narrative structure of Ethnofiction


Michael B. MacDonald is an award-winning filmmaker and associate professor of music at MacEwan University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Communication.

Though he does have a beard, Professor MacDonald is not a tweed suit wearing dour academic, rather his passion for cinema and music has led him to the streets, showcasing the hardscrabble life of artists attempting to win fans one gig at a time.

Tony King had the pleasure of chatting with Professor MacDonald about the unique relationship he is attempting to build in creating work he calls ethnofiction. Plus a little bit about what we can expect to see this weekend in his films – Unspittable and Hunters.

Be sure to check out the screening of Unspittable and Hunters this weekend at Metro Cinema. The evening will include a conversation with Professor McDonald, as well as Bad Buddy and Unspittable

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