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Kobo Town’s Drew Gonsalves on the state of calypso

Hidden Track Podcast

Drew Gonsalves talks calypso with Lark Clark on this week’s Hidden Track podcast. The Trinidadian Canadian is the founding member of the JUNO-winning outfit Kobo Town. The Toronto group blends calypso with myriad influences, including ska, reggae, dub and hip-hop.

A genre that originated in Trinidad and Tobago, calypso is what Drew describes as “the folk music of urban Trinidad.” Whether you’ve only ever heard calypso from the Harry Belafonte tunes in the movie Beetlejuice, or you’re deep down into Mighty Sparrow, Roaring Lion, Lord Invader, or Calypso Rose, you’re going to find a lot to sink your teeth into with this wide ranging conversation.

The pair talk about the roots of calypso, the trailblazers of the genre, and Drew’s work in reviving the career of one of the genre’s most iconic artists.

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