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Kimberlite Records – an Alberta indie label brings R&B to the world.


Soul Music on 45 — Original Recordings & Limited Releases…. That’s the credo of indie R&B label Kimberlite Records; an upstart label out of Calgary that’s achieved a global reach in just a few short years.

Kimberlite Records puts out small-batch 7-inch soul 45s because they love the charm, energy & aesthetic of old-school indie soul.

Jory Kinjo is one of the foundersa small group of soul music & vinyl obsessives – behind Kimberlite Records. He’s a distinguished Calgary-based musician, part of bands over the years like Mocking Shadows and JK & the Relays. Jory joined Grant Stovel to talk about the history and future of the label.

Jory Kinjo is a Calgary musician, and one of the people behind indie soul label Kimberlite Records. Check out www.Kimberlite to find out more.

Here’s their latest 7-inch single – Aladean Kheroufi and Sorry if I Hurt You.