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F*cked Up: A Day in the Life

Hidden Track Podcast

It’s a testament to the connection and chemistry F*cked Up have built together over more than twenty years that they were able to pull off a unique feat of artistic daring for latest album, 2023’s much-acclaimed One Day. Each band member, on their own, composing and recording an entire album’s worth of instrumental parts in a 24-hour span, then passing it down the line to the next band member, for them to add their own inspired contributions to the brew.

For a band that’s been known to spend literally years crafting elaborate, sprawling, world-building concept records, this is perhaps the most radical and adventurous idea they’ve ever undertaken. As a band, they go all the way back to when these musicians were not much more than kids growing up in Toronto, and falling in love with punk and hardcore. F*cked Up are now, as then: singer Damian Abraham, bass player Sandy Miranda, drummer Jonah Falco, guitarist Mike Haliechuk (who’s also behind a lot of the band’s musical composition), and guitarist Josh Zucker (an original member of the group who’s stepped away from the recording studio, but is still part of the ensemble live).

On the Alberta leg of their album release tour earlier in 2023, Sandy Miranda and Damian Abraham stopped by the CKUA studio to share a characteristically hilarious, candid, very sweet conversation about the band’s stranger-than-fiction story as a group of friends and punk rock fellow travellers, and what it was like trying to distill their entire artistic essence into One Day.

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